The flexible insulation mat

Spaceloft is a flexible nanoporous Aerogel insulating blanket able to reduce energy dispersion and save interior space in building applications, for commercial and residential buildings. The one-of-a-kind properties of Spaceloft® – extremely low heat conductivity, superior flexibility, compression resistance, hydrophobicity and ease of use – make it a must for anyone seeking utmost heat protection. Thanks to patented nano-technology, the Spaceloft® blanket combines amorphous silica gel with reinforced fibres in order to obtain heat performance at industrial level in an ecologically safe and easy-to-use product. Spaceloft® is a tested insulating blanket, effective in buildings thanks to maximum R values compared to any other insulating material, for highest energy performance in walls, floors, roofs, frames and windows.


  • Superior heat performance: up to 5 times better compared to other insulating products.
  • Reduced thickness and profile: same heat resistance in a fraction of the thickness.
  • Easy to cut and form in complex shapes, to adapt to narrow corners and limited-access spaces.
  • Spaceloft® is soft and sturdy but with excellent recovery of shape and heat performance even after compression of over 50 psi.
  • The low volume of the material, the high density of the packaging and very low reject rate can cut logistics costs by 5/10% compared to preformed and rigid insulation.
  • Spaceloft® repels water but allows vapour transpiration.
  • Safe for the environment: disposable through standard waste dumps, it does not lose its fibres and the long-fibre fabric is not breathable.