Aerogel Thermoreflective Paint

Today, Ama Nanotech extends its range of Building & Construction solutions with the THERMOGEL PAINT line of thermoreflective paints containing Aerogel and other precious nanotechnological components, without glass or ceramic microspheres. Formulated using advanced technologies, thermoreflective paints avoid the dispersion of energy through walls, drastically reducing thermal bridges and preventing the growth of mould without using chemical additives. By using this type of paint with a double function – both as a surface finish and to enhance energy-saving properties – building shells become elements that play an active part in limiting the energy consumption of the entire building, with the added advantage of significant reductions in application times, with the consequence of even further savings. In addition to guaranteeing longer duration (for example on wall coatings) on the surfaces to which they are applied, these special polymer-based paints with special additives reduce the temperatures of these surfaces both externally and internally, permitting energy savings in building climate control, a strategic element in policies for the limitation of energy consumption in a country like Italy characterized by summers that get hotter every year. Reducing interior building temperatures by just one degree means reducing energy consumption by 8 -10%, avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of 470 kg of CO2 every year.

When THERMOGEL PAINT products are applied either internally or externally, the reflection of thermal radiation prevents the supporting structures from heating up, and the resistance to heat transfer is at least four times higher than for conventional paint products, ensuring that heat is not transmitted towards building interiors in summer. With these supporting structures that are not heated up from the outside, the coolness is also distributed evenly inside the building. In winter instead, the warmth generated by the heating system remains trapped inside the building for longer. Because they reflect both light and heat, THERMOGEL PAINT products can be used on all surfaces through which high temperatures and solar radiation can be channelled into the building shell. This means that they can be applied not only on flat surfaces, but also on old bitumen roofing felt, exterior walls, prefabricated concrete components, plastic and glass elements and interior walls.