The two-sided panel for thermal insulation

Aeropan Basic is a panel made using an Aerogel-based blanket. Its flexibility characteristics and the particular two-sided finish, made up of a fiberglass mesh, make it particularly suitable for correcting thermal bridges, the heat insulation of spaces between walls (including in dry structures), or for flat application on roofs and terraces.

The panel production ensures fast and precise installation, reducing cuts and consequent material wastes on the worksite to the utmost It can be used for the outdoor insulation of window intrados, the heat insulation of blind boxes, eliminating thermal bridges inside door and window sub frames, facing the inside radiator recesses. Thanks to its conformation furthermore, it is suitable for insulating complex surfaces such as, for example, semi-circular or three-dimensional elements.


Outdoor/indoor heat insulation, for vertical and horizontal surfaces, spaces between walls and thermal bridges, made up of a flexible panel consisting of a layer of silica Aerogel reinforced with PET fibres (felt), of the BASIC Aeropan type, water-repellent and breathing, supplied in 1400×720 mm panels, with a nominal thickness of 10 mm (or in panels with 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm thickness) with volumetric density of 190 kg/m³, heat conductivity 0.015 W/mK, heat resistance Rd 0.67 m²K/W per cm of thickness, working temperature between -200°C / +200°C, fire reaction euroclass CS1D0, permeable to vapour diffusion (μ 5), impermeable to surface water and/or immersion with water contact angle not below 150°, reinforced with two-sided mesh – 155 g/m² anti-alkali to make installation on flat or curved, vertical or horizontal surfaces easier after gluing. Make sure, installation surfaces are smooth, dry, not dusty, perfectly integral and devoid of any roughness.


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