Project 5 – Aeropan in Parma

We are in Parma. Here, in a 9-storey building, energy redevelopment projects are being carried out thanks to the incentives of the Superbonus 110%. We chose the 70mm Aeropan panel for the thermal insulation of the balconies.

The main character of this referral is a 9-storey apartment block that dates back to the seventies.

The building, as you can imagine, has clearly damaged plaster and its structure did not include insulation materials.

Le strutture disperdenti dell’edificio

Thanks to the advantages of the Superbonus 110%, the apartment blocks decided to begin the energy redevelopment projects, entrusting the work to the Impresa Allodi in Parma.

The project – designed by the Civil Engineering Agency Ing.Chiari in Parma – mainly focused on the structures that needed interventions for the energy improvement of the building.

First of all, they focused on the external walls: full walls with a thickness of 30cm, without insulation. The lofts in masonry towards garages, cellars and attics were without insulation too.
Lastly, there were various types of windowed components with different technical characteristics and obvious thermal bridges.
After carrying out all the necessary investigations and inspections, the thermal engineer highlighted all the measures to be implemented for optimal energy saving.
First and foremost, the creation of the external thermal insulation.

The external thermal insulation

To achieve the results required by the current regulations, we decided to create an external thermal coat by using 16cm graphite panels.

Inside the balconies and the lodges, we decided to use 7cm Aeropan panels, with the aim of achieving the desired result without sacrificing too much living space on the inside.
Aeropan was also used to solve the issue of the thermal bridges of the windows and to insulate the roller shutter boxes. Aeropan, with its ability to guarantee the highest level of thermal insulation in the least possible space, allowed us to intervene in those spaces that would have been impossible to insulate with thick traditional materials.


AEROPAN minimum space, maximal insulation

Aeropan is a panel designed for the thermal insulation of those building structures which require the highest degree of insulation in the least possible space.

It consists of an Aerogel nano-technological insulator paired with a polypropylene breathing membrane reinforced with glass fiber and has been designed for reduced-thickness heat insulation. With a thickness of 10 to 60 mm – and heat conductivity of 0.015 W/mK – Aeropan allows reducing energy dispersion and recovering space in civil, commercial, and residential buildings.

The properties of the panel – minimum heat conductivity, flexibility and compression resistance, hydrophobicity, and easy installation – make it an indispensable product to guarantee high levels of heat insulation both in new buildings and in the rehabilitation of older ones.

This product is ideal for applications on outside perimeter walls and inside walls, intrados, window padding, roofs and for solving thermal bridges.

Aeropan is the perfect choice for outdoor and indoor restructuring, as well as building recovery and in historical buildings subject to architectural restraints which require higher levels of living comfort.

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