Project 7 – Aeroproof in Napoli

Aeroproof for the restoration and maintenance of an old waterproof membrane on a flat roof

Aeroproof in Naples: the Aerogel panel paired with a bituminous membrane was chosen for the maintenance of an old waterproof membrane in Napoli, in the Vomero district.

The waterproofing of a flat roof with Aeroproof

Aeroproof in Naples. More precisely in the Vomero district, where the view on the city, the bay and the Vesuvio can be appreciated in all its splendor.
Here is located a building which needed restoration and maintenance works on the old waterproof membrane of the flat roof.
Having to completely redo the waterproofing, the client, and the company Penta Costruzioni Srl decided to use the 10mm Aeroproof panel, therefore combining the need for a new membrane and the enhancement of the energy efficiency of the roof.
The reduced thickness of the panel and the Aerogel insulation structure immediately convinced the owner of the apartment below, also thanks to the Indec Ngp’s technical and commercial consultancy.

The installation of Aeroproof

First of all, it was necessary to check the condition of the existing mount, taking care to even out eventual irregular height differences. Furthermore, it was necessary to check and guarantee the continuity and the sealing of eventual expansion joints.
At this point, Romano Luigi, the applicator, proceeded with the installation of the staggered joints panels, with the longest side parallel to the gutter line and transversal to the slope.
After the installation and fastening of the panel, we applied the roof covering (reinforced membrane) transverse to the panels.
Successively we will install an elevated paving in order to best benefit from the available space.

The final result

The final result was more than satisfactory. Since the project ended, indeed, it has not been necessary to turn on the heating in the morning – as they previously had to – to keep the house comfortable. And, despite having the heating on, the feeling of cold still did not disappear.

Today the living comfort has been enhanced to the point where the heating never has to be turned on, with consequent significant cost savings and high-quality comfort standards.

Aeroproof, the flexible insulating mat made with Aerogel paired with a bituminous membrane

Aeroproof is a panel designed for the heat insulation and the preparation of the substrate for the subsequent waterproofing of all types of flat and pitched roofs, for civil and industrial buildings.
Aeroproof is a high-performance insulating panel made of a nano-technological insulating product containing Aerogel paired with a bituminous membrane able to ensure excellent heat insulation, compression resistance, dimensional stability and a first waterproof layer.
Aeroproof is suitable for being subsequently flamed to allow the application of successive layers of bituminous sheathing. The Aeroproof panels are usually applied to the roof by gluing or mechanical fastening; after installation, waterproofing is completed by recovery of the underlying sheath by means of the application of one or more layers of bituminous membrane, standard or self-protected.

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