Project 1 – Impruneta: Farmhouse with view

Farmhouse with view

The farmhouse that has been the protagonist of the proceedings for the improvement of the thermal insulation with panels of aeropan, benefits from a wonderful view on the hills around Firenze and on the famous Certosa del Galluzzo. A very unique landscape.

The hillside area that rounds Firenze is a harmonised set of soft or sharp summits, of easy climb up where to enjoy the landscape and where the emotion is history.
And here, where the farmhouse arises, the emotion is the breath-taking view on the Certosa del Galluzzo.
This extraordinary architectural complex, situated on the summit of the Monte Acuto, stands with his powerful structure since 1300 and form the garden of the farmhouse it shows all of its beauty.
The area in which the intervention lies with  is bound by the 1955’s Ministerial Decree, because the perspective of the landscape is delimitated in the north by the hill upstream the houses of the Galluzzo and eastwards it’s delimitated by the Certosa.

Strong aesthetic and traditional value

The farmhouse, together with the estates of the Giogoli, of the Collazzi, of the Antinori and with the Pieve of Pozzolatico from which it is surrounded, offers a complex with a strong aesthetic and traditional value and this is what the architect barducci from Firenze had maintained and, with the architects Ilari and Mazzanti, has realized the project for the improvement of the thermal insulation of the building. The proceedings has planned the realisation of covered lifelines and the rise of the covering coat to position the thermal insulator with a thickness of 12 cm and for the realisation of the insulation with coat using aeropan panels, with a thickness of 1 cm, made and distributed by Ama Composites Srl from Campogalliano (MO).

The panels let us utilise a technical solution highly performant remaining in the plaster’s thickness, without affecting the exterior aspect of the building.


Arch. Enrico Barducci
Arch. Andrea Ilari
Arch. Elena Mazzanti
Via del Baluardo, 6 Firenze

Construction Company

L.C. Project di Loutfi Ahmed

Aeropan 1 cm

220 mq

Aeropan 2 cm

30 mq

Aeropan Panel

Aeropan is a panel created for the realisation of thin thermal insulators, made of a nanotechnological insulator in AEROGEL combined with a breathable membrane made of strand polypropylene with glass fibre. 10 centimetres thick and with a thermal conductivity (λ) equal to 0,015W/(m*K), it’s capable of giving an insulation system from -200° C to +200° C. Therefore the temperature changes, that it has to stand in construction, don’t affect the performance of the product, both from the point of view dimensional and structural.

The insulator made of AEROPAN nanoporous is capable of reducing the energetic dispersion retrieving space in the construction applications, residential and commercial.

Its unique titles, thermal conductivity extremely low, flexibility, compressive strength, ease of use and hydrophobicity, make it essential for those who search the maximum in thermal insulation


Thanks to a patented nanotechnology, the insulator based on aeropan combines gel of amorphous silicon and reinforced fibres in order to obtain a great thermal performance in an ecological safe and easy to use product.

AEROPAN is a product designed for thermal insulation, and acoustic, of buildings that require the highest level of insulation in a place as small as possible. Suitable for all the different types of structures, new and to redevelop. Ideal for external and/or internal actions in renovations, construction retrieval, historical buildings subject to architectural restrictions and everywhere it’s necessary to increase the house comfort.

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