Project 18 – Aeropan and the rebuilding in Norcia

The earthquake in Norcia and the rebuilding

During the rehabilitation of a private house damaged by an earthquake in Norcia, we decided to improve the thermal insulation with Aeropan panels.

The rebuilding and the thermal insulation with Aeropan

The seismic events in central Italy – in the seismic sequence Amatrice-Norcia-Visso – begun in august 2016 and, unfortunately, still not finished, have left indelible scars in our country. Medieval borough reduced to heaps of ash, priceless historical buildings burned to the ground, houses and activities disappeared forever.

But the tenacity of the population has not died in front of all this destruction and the will to return to their everyday life has animated the reconstruction and today, despite the still visible wounds, the desire of daily life stood out.

The earthquake in Norcia and the rebuilding

 Today we are in Norcia, in the province of Perugia, that sadly jumped to reports because of the terrible earthquake of 30 October 2016.

On that occasion the beautiful city was struck by an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 that caused significant damages to the historical buildings and to the private houses.

Today, almost two years later, despite the constant telluric quakes, there are a lot of restoration projects. In these a private villa, recently built, remained damaged from the earthquake, luckily not in its structural core.
During the study of the rehabilitation of the damaged areas, we decided to improve the intern house comfort of the building by placing insulant panels on all of the walls and on the coat.

The thermal insulation of the private villa

The surveyor Matteo Cipriani, from Studio Tecnico Cipriani in Bastia Umbra, has realised the architectural project; while the engineer Daniele Sensi, from Assisi, has worked on the plant project. Together they chose the Aeropan panel, for the thermal insulation of the walls. This choice has been dictated by the technic-performance characteristics of the panel in reduced dimensions: 10 mm

After the technical report realised by the engineer Sensi, before the measures to improve the thermal insulation, the building had an energy performance of 214,88 kWh/mq a year, classifying the building in the energy class E of the DM 26/06/2015.

Thanks to the realisation of the extern insulant coat with Aeropan panels – provided in a technical way by the agency INN.MAT Snc that works on the Umbrian-Tuscan territory – the energy performance stands at 152,75 kWh/mq a year, with a consequently classification of the building in class C. the annual thrift with the measure proposed results to be 12177 kWh/year.

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