Project 4 – the restoration of a private house in Rapallo with Aeropan

Aeropan, high thermal insulation in very little space

The restoration of a private house in the mountains over Rapallo has seen as a protagonist the Aeropan panel by Ama Composites.
Unable to change the exterior of the buiding, Aeropan allowed us to create a thermal insulating coat into the structure without sacrificing precious space.

The restoration of a private house in Rapallo

 We are on the heights of Rapallo, in the Golfo del Tigullio, in the province of Genova.

A breath-taking view for those who have the luck to have their “second house” here, in this magnificent ligurian cost. A cost that by the years has, unfortunately, seen an urbanistic expansion pretty messy.

Today, thanks to a more careful vision towards the environment, the constructive constraints are a lot more restrictive with prohibitions on the realisation of new buildings and indiscriminate expansion of those already existent.

The project of the Studio Tecnico Geom. Cipolla

 In the case of the private house, subject of this recovery and rehabilitation, the constrains have been definitely limiting. Consequently, the Studio Tecnico Geom. Cipolla has studied the project of recovery taking into count the impossibility of realising any extern modification. The building, indeed, includes other housing solutions.

This project allowed us to recover and rehabilitate a building of the sixties respecting his past.

And, mostly, making those improvements that the modern technologies and the most performant materials can offer on the market.

The intern coat with Aeropan

To keep intact all the architectural elements and to realise a thermal insulating coat that didn’t “steal” too much space indoors, the quantity surveyor Cipolla has chosen Aeropan. We created an internal coat using Aeropan panels that, thanks to their thickness of only 1 cm, have allowed us to maintain the intern spaces absolutely unchanged.

The supply of the Aeropan panels – for a total of 150 mq – has been realised by Color Expert in Rapallo.

In this occasion too, the aeropan panel by Ama Composites has confirmed his indispensability in every situation where in necessary the best insulation granted by the years without changing internally or externally the structure of the building.

 With Aeropan minimum space, maximum insulation.

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